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Hip-Hop News: 50 Cent Loses Voice but Refuses To Backdown
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
12/6/2003 6:13:25 AM

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It was a drama packed night at Melbourne Park in Australia for the 50 Cent / G Unit show. The night kicked off without a hitch when Obie Trice came on and did a great live set with the crowd jumping like mad when he performed the diss record 'Shit Hits The Fan' and his first single 'Got Some Teeth'. The crowd was hyped when the set finished and 50 Cent with G Unit hit the stage. However, the stadiums mood changed when 50 Cent was forced to leave the stage after a few songs.

During the first few tracks, fans could hear that 50's voice was struggling and it appeared to finally give out. With close to 15,000 people sitting is shock, 50 re-emerged after the 5 minute interval to try and perform 'Patiently Waiting' only to then leave the stage once more. During the track it was obvious to the crowd that he was trying but his voice was lost.

After the second short intermission, 50 and G Unit returned to the stage to finish their full show. 50's voice was still there and it was clear that he was doing his best to give the show the fans wanted to see. Young Buck and Lloyd Banks did an awesome job given the situation. The duo helped 50 through his verses and made sure the show went on. Sensing the crowds edgy-ness, Banks stated to the crowd 'what can you do, what can you do' and crowd was understanding with most feeling sympathy for 50 and giving encouraging chants of 'Fifty, Fifty, Fifty'.

The fans, whilst dissapointed seemed to understand it was not something in 50's control. One fan outside the arena was still wrapped with the show, "Man, 50 lost his voice, he could barely talk, and dude still rap more than when Ja came down here!" he said referring to the Ja Rule and Ashanti concert earlier in the year that left fans angry after Ja mimed alot of his rhymes.

The tour is now headed to Sydney for a show tonight and Brisbane on Sunday night. The crew will then travel to New Zealand before heading back to the USA.

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