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Hip-Hop News: Ludacris New Video Update and Honors
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Posted by Robert
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12/5/2003 3:18:14 AM

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Where do you go after you dangle a paint-covered midget from your gold chain, make a girl's booty grow several inches just by locking lips with her and get a party so crunk you cause wheelchair-bound partygoers to get up and dance? If you're Ludacris, you head straight for the bedroom.

"I'm on the set of the video now ... the video is going to be crazy!" Luda said Tuesday about his new clip for "Splash Waterfalls," the follow-up to his special effects-loaded party-starter "Stand Up."

"I'm showing a different side," he added. "I don't want all my videos to look one way. When you listen to the song, it's a more mature, grown-up side of myself. The whole song is geared toward showing the difference between love and lust and how love and lust can intertwine. When you see the video, of course there will be some special effects here and there, but it won't be as crazy and off the hook as 'Stand Up,' just because it's a different subject matter. We stick to the script and show a sexier side."

Cris says that fans will get to hear an even sexier version of "Splash Waterfalls" soon. He just recorded a remix of the cut with baby-making-music maestro Raphael Saadiq. The reworking incorporates the beat from Tony! Toni! Tone!'s popular love song "Whatever You Want."

True, we all know that Ludacris loves to chase women, eat chicken and drink beer, but the lovable Southern loudmouth was also recently honored for his philanthropic endeavors with the Ludacris Foundation.

During a concert featuring his Disturbing Tha Peace family in Canton, Mississippi, at the Canton Madison County Multipurpose Complex on November 22, Canton Mayor Fred Esco Jr. and Jackson, Mississippi, City Councilman Kenneth Stokes presented Cris and Chingy with proclamations from both cities for to their charitable work.

"It surprised the hell out of me," said Cris, who had to rush to catch a plane after the brief ceremony. "It was the opposite of what the media is doing right now. They usually ridicule us for the things we do. [The politicians] honored me. They're trying to set an example knowing that rappers do have a voice and I do get out in the community with the Ludacris Foundation. That was their way of bringing it to light. I was proud and motivated to do even more."

During the Thanksgiving holiday, Cris' foundation gave away 1,800 turkeys to less fortunate families in the Herndon, Bankhead Court and Hollywood Court housing projects, which are located in the Atlanta area. The organization's next benevolent undertaking will be a December 23 toy drive and shopping spree for handicapped children.

"You never forget where you come from," Luda explained. "Once you get to a certain point, you know in your heart you should give back."

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