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Posted by Robert
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12/3/2003 2:53:51 PM

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NEW YORK, NY – (December 3, 2003) – With a continued commitment to Hip-Hop culture, Sockbandits – the creators of the biggest selling Hip-Hip photography book of all time, Hip Hop Immortals announced today the release of the film Hip Hop Immortals: We Got Your Kids.

Breaking the mold of "urban" films, Hip Hop Immortals: We Got Your Kids brings a never-before-seen reality to the public’s attention. The film is scheduled for a worldwide Feb 10, 2004 release via Image Entertainment, Inc. A trailer is available for preview at http://www.wegotyourkids.com

Twenty years ago it was either Hip-Hop or crack rock. Before the mansions, videos, and soda endorsements, there was the party. It was a place to get you off the street for a few hours, or at least to get the street off your mind.  Music, dance, art - it was culture. But somehow it all became a marketing tool.

When did the bottom-line become more important than art? If the market is young people, does Hip-Hop have an obligation to depict truth? Do we remember what truth is? Hip Hop Immortals: We Got Your Kids asks the most controversial questions and collects the rawest answers.

"Following the tremendous success of Hip Hop Immortals, the book, we wanted to channel that same passion into a film in a very different way from what Hip-Hop is used to. During the shooting I knew we were doing something groundbreaking, but I don’t think it hit me until I was in the editing room, putting the pieces together, that we had actually accomplished our goal." says Kris Palestrini, Director and Editor of Hip Hop Immortals: We Got Your Kids.

Hip Hop Immortals: We Got Your Kids is a collection of over 80 minutes of gripping and energetic footage. Interviews with Hip-Hop luminaries Rakim, Marley Marl, Gang Starr, the late Jam Master Jay, and many others, capture Hip-Hop as it was and as it still can be: raw, off-the-cuff, and smart. The industry’s current trendsetters, like Lil’ Kim, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, and Fat Joe, provide clear insight to where the art form is headed.

The film also features cultural architects of all kinds, including graffiti pioneer James TOP and fashion powerhouses for Karl Kani, FUBU, Enyce, Ecko Ultd.  World-renowned tattoo artist Mister Cartoon connects the dots between Hip-Hop and body art, while adult film stars Lexington Steele and Tera Patrick explore the relationship between Hip-Hop and pornography.

The package is made complete by a gripping narration and performance from actor / literary / cultural critic Bonz Malone, the man behind the hit film Slam and author of Hip Hop Immortals.  "This film is not about the music; it’s about the connections between Beats, Sneakers, Jewelry, Girls & Money," states Malone.

This film is a product of intense love for the culture, and the result of thousands of man-hours worked by some of the most prominent editors and design teams in the world. Hip Hop Immortals: We Got Your Kids looks to not only set the bar for future Hip-Hop films in terms of content, but also to challenge norms of how a film should look and feel.

We Got Your Kids comes on the heels of Sock Bandit Production’s wildly successful photo book, Hip Hop Immortals. The first hardcover volume of the series was a runaway hit, creating worldwide demand for the recently released soft cover "The Remix". More information is available at http://www.wegotyourkids.com

Partial cast listing: Bonz Malone, Black Rob, Bone Crusher, Bone Thugs-N- Harmoney, Boo-Yaa TRIBE, Busta Rhymes, Busy Bee, Black Eyed Peas, Brett Ratner, Benny Boom, Big Boy, Cam'ron, Cypress Hill, Coolio, C-BO, Common, Chubb Rock, Daddy O, De La Soul, Digital Underground, Dilated Peoples, DJ Cash Money, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Scratch, Dres, Enyce, Ernie Paniccioli, Estevan Oriol, Everl

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