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Hip-Hop News: 25 To Life Records Launches Web Site
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/2/2003 6:41:17 PM

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New York, NY – Following the October 21 release of Tragedy Khadafi’s highly anticipated fourth solo album, "Still Reportin",

25 To Life Records is now releasing the most comprehensive information into the life and work of Tragedy Khadafi with the launch of its website.

No newcomer to the rap game, Queensbridge rap legend Tragedy Khadafi’s "hiphopography", an extensive list of credits as a rapper, A & R executive, and producer since 1986, is now available at the site, as well as information about his new album, "Still Reportin", released through 25 To Life Records/Solid Records and Caroline Distribution. Considered the "father" of many well known Queensbridge rappers, Tragedy Khadafi is responsible for starting the careers of gold and platinum selling artists Capone N Noreaga, and mentoring Havoc of platinum selling rap group Mobb Deep, amongst others.

The 25 To Life Records website, designed in conjunction with New York based creative studio ROKKAN, aims not only to inform rap fans about 25 To Life Records and its label head, Tragedy Khadafi, but is also aimed to serve as an important web destination for soldiers of hip hop culture and music. "We’re extremely proud of our new site and hope this steps up the game for all rap labels into the future" says Khadijah Abdullah, co-founder and VP Publicity of 25 to Life Records.

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