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DubCNN Interview With Mack 10
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Mack 10
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Mack 10
Westside Connection
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/2/2003 12:26:01 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Mack 10 and Westside Connection. You're from Ingelwood, and a Blood. Which set do you rep?

I represent the Westside Connection, I ain't finna promote no gang shit, I'm past that. Were there any local artists who inspired you to rap back in the day?

NWA, Toddy Tee, you know, Ice T. How long did you work with DJ Pooh before clickin' with Cube?

I didn't really do no work with Pooh, I just kinda hung out with him for a couple years but they never did nothin' wit me, so I never got a chance to get nothin' done. So I just hung out there. Who came up with the nickname Chicken Hawk?

Uhh, I don't really remember! I think I did!
Were you down with the Westside Connection idea from the jump?

Was I down with it from the jump? Yeah! I've always been down with it, I mean it was a win-win situation! Why would I not be down with it you know what I mean?

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