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WC Gets Personal With Rap Basement
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Posted by Dave
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12/2/2003 11:57:10 AM

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Rap Basement: Let's start this off with you introducing yourself...

WC: What up y'all this is Dub C from the Westside Connection, The Ghetto Heisman

Rap Basement: Why has it taken so long for Westside Connection to come out with a new album after such success from the first one?

WC: First of all, it wasn't planned. Shit wasn't planned. The first one wasn't even planned. We all had aggressive style and we were all working with each other and stuff, on each other's project and everything, so we all think let's get together and make it happen. We didn't realize out the gate how big it was going to be and what effect it would have on the whole rap generation. We realized we were bigger then life with it, the collaboration, we had fun with it. To come out with another album right after that one, would have been good, but at the same time it wasn't planned. So we wanted to make sure it was special because we realized we had something special. We just took our time, everybody went on and did their solo projects and we just came back and dropped it.

Rap Basement: Is it hard since everybody is on a different record label to come together and do a group album?

WC: It's kinda hard with everybody having conflicting schedules but it's not hard to call each other up and say let's make it happen when the timing is right, which we did because we all really honest you know.

Rap Basement: Why is the album named 'Terrorist Threats'?

WC: We called the album 'Terrorist Threats' because all the things going on in the world. All these official laws are changing and in the future rap music will be speaking about all the dangers.

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