Ronnie King More Than A Tupac Producer and Keyboard Artist
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News: Big Syke, Ronnie King - Thug Life Meets Punk Rock
News: Ronnie King-Another Tupac Producer Speaks
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Posted by Robert
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11/27/2003 5:32:29 PM

The recent articles on Ronnie King got me wondering if everyone knows who this man is. Here is a little bio on him.

Beyond question, Ronnie King is this generation’s most bootlegged keyboard player. He is best known for the multi-platinum selling songs he recorded with Tupac Shakur, which include such legendary classics as “How Do U Want It” and “Hit ‘Em Up.”  King and Tupac worked for countless hours in the studio, where they recorded dozens of songs together, engaging in a writing process of which the results would ultimately become history.  King was introduced to Pac by Johnny J, who also worked on Pac’s production.  Having laid the musical groundwork for one of the greatest recording artists of our time, it is King who is largely responsible for the sound that is heard on countless other highly successful hiphop albums.  Two of the other icons he’s recorded with include Mariah Carey and Tyrese. King also played keyboards and wrote a large number of the tracks on Thug Law’s Thug Life Outlawz Chapter 2, as he did on Big Syke’s album. He has also worked with K-Ci and JoJo, as well as on three of Bizzy Bones’ (of Bone Thugs-N Harmony) solo albums.  In addition to having worked with Snoop Dogg’s protégés, the Eastsidaz in the past, King also wrote and produced their upcoming single, “Blue Swede Shoes.”

As if his contribution to hiphop isn’t enough, Ronnie King is a keeper of the keys for two extremely popular genres of contemporary music. An original prankster, King has become known among both musicians and his fans as this generation’s most versatile keyboardist.  In addition to being at the top of his game when it comes to hiphop, he has also recorded with the hugely successful, platinum-selling hardcore punk unit the Offspring, with whom he is embarking on both a European and an American tour in the fall of 2003.  The first single from the band’s upcoming album, Splinter, features King’s keyboards on its first single, “Hit That.”  King describes the song as having a “hiphop verse and a punk chorus.”  Among King’s other accomplishments, he co-founded Joykiller, the punk unit comprised of former TSOL members, and he was signed to the punk label, Epitaph, for three years.  He’s recorded with NOFX, Pennywise and the Distillers, and has appeared on tribute albums to The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and Nirvana.   In addition to being a much sought-after producer, King is not limited to just being an immensely talented studio musician. He has also toured extensively, playing live shows. In spite of all his accomplishments in the recording studio, he managed to find the time to tour with Rancid for a year.

Rare is the artist who has true street credibility in both worlds, hiphop and punk.  However, King truly feels at home in both realms. King says he’s looked at as “the bridge to non-segregation, because that’s what this thing is.  It’s all about music, it’s about giving respect.”  As a result, he gets it in return, in droves. “Sometimes I feel like my generation’s Billy Preston,” he reflects.  It comes easy to King, who says he goes surfing with the guys from Pearl Jam, plays golf with Adrian Young from No Doubt and with Fat Mike from NOFX, and snowboards with rapper Big Syke.  “Artists who are either hiphop or punk, are always asking me if I can introduce them to someone from the other genre.  

There’s a lot of mutual admiration that goes on.”  Despite this, not many artists have managed to succeed commercially in both realms.  However, Ronnie has clearly done so.

King has played on albums that have collectively have sold multi-millions in copies, although the total figure
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