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Hip-Hop News: DPG Update and Recent Tray Dee Comments
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/26/2003 4:48:24 AM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Daz Dillinger, Jadakiss and Tray Dee.

Here are some up-dates from DPG Records:

DPG/GA Artist Lil Half Dead has been arrested due to a Parole Violation. This will, of course, delay the release of his album.

E-White is in talks to drop a 15 song album on DPG/GA early next year. Chances of this happening are pretty high. E-White wants to get out there!

Daz and Jadakiss were recently in the studio with eachother recording for eachother's albums. Daz will be producing both tracks. One will be placed on Daz's upcoming So So Def LP and the other will be on Jadakiss's next solo effort!

Fredwreck has put together his greatest hits CD! It will be released through DPG/GA very soon! At this point we are getting the CD printed. Also, we will have a new design with TONS of content at in 2 weeks. Be on the lookout

Everyone is wondering where the DPG is at with the recent comments by Tray Deee. Daz is still cool with Tray Deee. Before Daz left for ATL to start work again on his So So Def album he met with Tray. Soopafly's reaction was "he's speaking out of rage, its all good. just don't take those words any further and do something you regret". RBX "a bum? is that the best he can do?". Goldie Loc and Snoop have made up. They were both recently in the studio together. It seems, at the moment, Tray is the one breaking himself away from everyone. Everyone's reaction after reading the interview is LAUGHING. They found it real funny and somewhat expected it.

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