Hip-Hop News: David Mays Steps Down From HHSAN Board of Directors
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/24/2003 1:21:10 PM
Today in a new statement from the Source Magazine, the Co-Founders David Mays and Benzino charged the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HHSAN) and Russell Simmons of being irresponsible for defending Eminem over his racist lyrics that The Source aired publicly last week.

“Russell Simmons’ rush to defend Eminem over his racist lyrics is disturbing and disappointing to me,” said David Mays. “This is not the Russell I’ve known and admired for many years as a strong leader of the Hip-Hop movement. Just last week, Russell admitted in a radio interview that he hadn’t even heard the songs in question and he doesn’t know Eminem very well personally. The racist Eminem songs from just ten years ago raise some serious issues regarding race and racism in the Hip Hop industry that cannot simply be swept under the rug.”

“At a time when African-American leadership should be stepping up and calling for a real apology from Eminem, we see the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network completely duck its responsibility,” said Ray Benzino. “First and foremost Eminem owes a true apology as well as a more detailed explanation to the Black community and to Black women for these offensive lyrics. Perhaps Eminem can be a more powerful force in uniting poor people from the trailer parks to the projects. But we must use this situation to explore that idea more closely,” continued Benzino.

“I believe it’s irresponsible for the HHSAN to rush to judgment over an issue of this magnitude without proper due diligence and without being forthright about its financial ties to Eminem’s camp,” said Mays. “For this reason, I am stepping down from my position on the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network’s Board of Directors until the organization discloses its financial ties to Eminem, his management and his record label, Shady / Interscope Records.”
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