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Hip-Hop News: Daz Heats It Up With Kurupt
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Daz Dillinger
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/21/2003 11:24:21 AM

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I reported a few days ago on Soopafly's reply to Kurupt. Well the volley of shots just keep coming from both sides. This is a post today on dpgrecordz ; Daz's web site.

Daz recorded a reply to Kurupt's diss...

It is titled EAT A DICC RICC aka FUCK RICKY...

There is a 2nd track Daz just completed. To describe the song, it is more tense compared to EAT A DICC RICC.

The track is produced by Daz.


This song along with the song "Talkin' Bout Ricky" will be on the upcoming Tha Row Killa album. The album has once again been delayed. No date has been set. But is has been delayed until next year. This is because Soopafly and Daz have decided to rework and rerecord a few songs.

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