Hip-Hop News: Update On Fed-X Death
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/18/2003 4:34:16 AM

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After the 'death' of Fed-X of Mob Figgaz being reported by me and many other sites, thereis an amazing post just posted this morning. This comes from WestCoastAftershock; who are VERY reliable:

Fed Ex is alive the homie Rodzilla confirmed it on dubcc forum today:
"I guess he died & folks that were in da hospital called people on da outside and it spread on tha streets like krayzie & left everyone upset...yesterday waz a sad day cuzz of that shit...I remember my cuzzin waz pourin some of his 40 out for him and shit when we heard...now I'm guessin he came back alive and it took some time for folks to call tha outside and let tha streets know he's alive again....krayzie!!!"

I'll let you know if I get anymore , but for now it seems Fed-X is still alive.

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