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Hip-Hop News: Mannie Fresh of Big Tymers Interview
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
11/14/2003 8:11:45 AM

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Rap Basement: What can we expect from your upcoming release "Big Money Heavyweights" ?

Mannie Fresh: Hopefully Platinum.

Rap Basement: What's different with this release compared to your last one?

Mannie Fresh: Almost nothing. Because that’s the way we do it, we aren't going to go forward with it you know? It's just me and my life, that’s the way it is. If the other one was Tuesday, this one is Wednesday. If the last one was how I was feeling on Tuesday, this is how I'm feeling on Wednesday.

Rap Basement: What inspires you to make the creative beats that you do?

Mannie Fresh: I like to see people have fun, you know? That's the joy of it for me. If I hear one of my beats come on and everyone on the dance floor is moving, that’s my inspiration.

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