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Hip-Hop News: P Diddys Ex-Bodyguard Murder Update
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/12/2003 2:48:26 PM

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Anthony "Wolf" Jones was shot and killed in early
morning incident in Atlanta.

*Anthony "Wolf" Jones, a key figure in Sean
Combs' gun trial three years ago and a man identified
as Lamont Gurdy, were gunned down outside the
Chaos nightclub in Atlanta around 4 AM Tuesday
morning, due to an argument over a woman, early
reports say.

According to the Associated Press, Demetrius
Flenory, 35, was charged with two counts of homicide
after being treated at a hospital for gunshot wounds
to the buttocks. Atlanta police said more arrests
were possible.

One man who was hospitalized with a foot
wound was questioned and released.

Police said they found $5,000 on Girdy's body
and $7,000 on Jones'. The two men, along with
Flenory, were from New York City.

Jones was the bodyguard for Sean "P. Diddy"
Combs during a December 27, 1999, incident in which
Diddy and protégé rapper Shyne (Jamal Barrow) were
accused of firing weapons inside a Manhattan nightclub.

Diddy and then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, plus Jones
and a driver, were caught fleeing the scene.

Jones was acquitted of criminal possession of a
weapon in the second and third degrees when the trial
ended in March 2001. Diddy was acquitted on five counts
of criminal possession and bribery. Shyne was sentenced
to 10 years in prison.

*Editors note: If you remember the suit that was brought against P Diddy By Kirk Burrows; where Mr. Burrows claims Diddy had something to do with the Shooting of Tupac and the murder of Suge Knights Bodyguard in Atlanta' this 'Wolf' is the suppose triggerman in the 1995 murder of Suge's bodyguard.

In other news affecting Sean Combs, his former wife,
Misa Hylton-Brim, says he's practically a dead-beat dad.
She wants more child support.

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