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Hip-Hop News: 50 Cent-She Said I Was Ugly
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/11/2003 5:29:51 AM

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50 Cent is not all that concerned with a girl's heart, but he can work with those other body parts. The rapsta dropped by B96, the Edina FM station, on Friday to promote the new CD, "Beg for Mercy." He had some energy to burn because a gig at Quest fell through, said a member of his posse. 50 was extremely professional -- and less grammatically challenged than when he pronounces 50 with a "d" and birthday with an "f" -- as he and the G-Unit cranked out promos galore. They'll be aired as intros to cuts from his new CD and station DJs, including, Zannie K and Anthony DiStasio. During a break, I experienced the most unusual interview of my career. 50 and I became real tight. Wrapping his massive arm around my waist, 50 forced me into his personal space (and vice versa). He was seated. All I can say is thank goodness for the barrier created by a chair arm. This awkward position, which a B96 video recorded, did not preclude me from asking tough questions. Why is 50 so successful in sacking women, given that his lyrics about them are rough? Sample: "I'm into havin sex, I ain't into makin' love/ So come give me a hug if you into getting rubbed." 50 answered: "I think a woman needs a little bit of harshness in her life; dose of reality. Others are going to tell you," (changing his voice and rapping sweetly): 'Nothing's going to tear us apart. I promise.' " He then added: "That's a dream. I'm not selling a dream. The initial thing you are attracted to is the physical -- until you meet someone special to you. Then you can make love. Before that, everything you are doing is a sexual situation." 50 was asked to imagine that he has just met a woman and that it's all on the down low (as he contends, taking his relationship with actor Vivica A. Fox public too soon was one of the problems with that relationship). How long before 50 pursues the physical side? "It depends. It might happen the first night," he said. Aw, he's just an old-fashioned kind of guy -- say a caveman or singer from any era. First night? Now that's a guy who is interested only in sex; a man who doesn't want you to get to know him. That's sex based on nothing meaningful. "Aw, momma, you're starting to sound like a dinosaur," 50 said, as members of his posse filled the studio with laughter. I didn't seem any less prehistoric once I told 50 that it's only responsible to get proof you are AIDS-free before hitting the sack. "So you [are going to] tell him, 'Hold on. Go on, take a test! Hold up.' You're going to get [a doctor's note] first," said the rapsta, who has never done this. "Don't you ever get a divorce." Sounds as though Fox was wise not to get too deep with this rapper. "Wasn't that," 50 said. "It just wasn't a good situation. If it was a good situation, I would have stayed. I was comfortable with it, but I didn't feel like we were headed in the right directions." Count me among those mystified by what Fox was getting by spending even a minute with 50. Now divorced from 6-9, Fox clearly likes musicians with numerical sobriquets. Even if 50 is more appealing after a few minutes of seeing his charming side, he's not TAKE-YOUR-CLOTHES-OFF-WE'RE-GETTING-BUSY charming. While many women would disagree, I would say to them -- as I said to him -- he's not as homely in person. "She said I was ugly!" 50 said to his posse as he hugged me goodbye.

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