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Hip-Hop News: 50 Cent Interviews G-Unit
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Posted by Robert
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11/10/2003 7:23:18 AM

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When MTV News met up with 50 Cent and the G-Unit at the Mixshow Power Summit in San Juan, Puerto Rico, last month, we asked Sway to sit down with teacher and students for a short, meaningful interview.

Then 50 grabbed the mic, insisting on conducting the interview himself. Here's what happened. ...

50 Cent: How was the process of working on this album?

Lloyd Banks: Man, the process of working on this album was work, then some more work.

Young Buck: And some more work.

Banks: And some more work, a little bit of play, a little bit of sleep. For the most part it was work, but it was a cool experience.

50 Cent: I heard you guys recorded the majority of this album on the tour bus. Why you were on tour with 50 Cent?

Banks: Yeah, we were on the Rock the Mic Tour, you know, with a whole bunch of other guys — Jay-Z, Snoop, a bunch of popular people. We had a studio on the bus so it was kinda cool.

50 Cent: So can I get a prediction from you guys? How many records do you think you're gonna sell?

Young Buck: Well, they say this 50 Cent guy did like, 800,000 to a million records his first week. So I predict ... I'm going hard. A million and a half.

50 Cent: A million and a half records the first week?

Young Buck: Yeah. That's what type of material is on that album, homie.

50 Cent: That would have to be some real, real hot music.

Young Buck: Expect the unexpected. You heard me?

50 Cent: So we know Young Buck is from Nashville, Tennessee, and he has a different style than you. How were you guys able to work together, you being from Jamaica, Queens, and all?

Banks: It's kinda easy because we all from the same atmosphere even though we not from the same neighborhoods. Like I'm from Southside Jamaica, Queens, but there's a Southside everywhere. So, even if we're not writing together at the table, when we come into the booth we're still on the same page because the same thing happened in my 'hood that happened in his 'hood.

50 Cent: What about this album is gonna make your record sell so much?

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