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Young Buck speaks with Rap Basement
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
11/7/2003 2:30:16 PM

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Rap Basement: How did you get the name Young Buck?

Young Buck: I started hustlin on the streets at a young age. I was real young compared to the other dudes that was on the block. But I had a little more heart, to do a little more then the other dudes that were on the block. An OG, his name is Preeze he's in the penitentiary now, he gave me that name.

Rap Basement: How did you hook up with 50 Cent and later join G-Unit?

Young Buck: I'm 22 years old now, back with I was 16 I had met Cash Money, you know Baby from Cash Money? (Yaw) They was looking to sign me back then, but things didn't work out you know. I had dropped out of high school; I dropped out in the 9th grade. After that didn't work out, I was back at square one.

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