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Hip-Hop News: G-Unit Goes Against Jay-Z
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/6/2003 1:31:23 PM

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All of sudden, Friday, November 14, has become a major day for record releases.

One day after Jay-Z announced he was pushing his The Black Album release up two weeks from Friday, November 28, the G-Unit are bumping their due date for Beg for Mercy to November 14 as well.

Not only do 50 Cent and company now share the same release date as Jay, their representatives say the thugged-out collective has been plagued by the same problems as the Jiggaman: bootlegging. Originally, Beg for Mercy was supposed to come out on November 18, but the LP has been leaked to the Internet and the streets already, thus the need to get it in stores officially.

Although the group was not available for comment, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Young Buck are currently on a promo tour across the U.S. to spread the word about their upcoming project.

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