Hip-Hop News: MC Ren Says Leave Scarface CD In The Store
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Posted by Robert
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11/4/2003 9:37:30 PM

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In a recent statement released on his official website, MC Ren suggests that fans should boycott Def Jam's release of Music Inspired By Scarface, a compilation featuring previously released rap songs said to have been influenced by the film, including the record "Dope Man" by N.W.A.

"I saw this shit on BET talking about Music Inspired By Scarface and I said, 'What the hell?'" MC Ren said in a statement. "Def Jam know they're wrong with that shit and they had us, N.W.A., on that shit with a gang of new artists."

"The movies that inspired me was Krush Groove, Beat Street and Wild Style, not no damn Scarface, and Def Jam is just doing anything for money. None of them Def Jam fools ever asked me or any other member of N.W.A. if that bullshit-ass movie influenced us. Def Jam need to think before they do some bitch shit like that, because niggas like me will check their ass. So if y'all see that bitch-ass record - leave that shit in the store!"

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