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Hip-Hop News: Ja Rule and Min.Farrakhan State Case For Peace
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/3/2003 4:42:29 PM

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The interview with Ja Rule and Min. Louis Farrakhan has just ended. I came away with a better feel for both of these men. Minister Farrakhan speaking truth and Ja Rule showing that side that is just Ja.

Interview started with Ja talking about his childhood. Growing up a Jeahovas Witness and not haveing a father in the home.His mother being 'shunned' by the religion she loved and that effect on him. Ja questions religion but has love for God.

Then the 'Beef' came up. According to Ja it all started during a video shoot on Jamacia Ave. in Queens. 50 didn't like all the love that was being given to Ja.

When 50 started as an artist he started dissing artist as part of his 'thing', his stagagy to get attention on himself.

Ja said 'I didn't start this".He also stated that the stolden cross thing; which alot of people say started this, has nothing to do with it.

These two guys have a real problem and it's not about records. Ja said he told 50 "I don't like you --what your doing ain't real"

Then Min. Farrakhan said that this is bigger than 50 and Ja. This was the start to the Min.'s key message. That message would be that if we as the Hip Hop nation cannot take care of this , they; the government will.

The media took a hit in this as both parties blamed them for fueling the flames of this fire. There is a public call for a fight.And I have to agree here. It does seem that many want this to continue.

Min. Farrakhan spoke of how a war is being planned on black and hispanic youth by the government. Mainly because they want their children back.

As this interview went on I started to understand why 50 has said he will not sit down with Min. Farrakhan. He could not be as 'polished' or communicate as well as Ja did. I just don't see 50 soing this and it is not because he wants this beef to go on, he is just out classed.

The interview was good, not great. Min. Farrakhan even spoke of trying to get a 50-Ja Rule tour togeather. We all know that will never happen.

Althought the Minister made some good points and Ja Rule handeled himself like a man , I don't see this going anywhere. Mainly because of the other parties involved.

The interview ended with blessings for all of those involved and for Hip Hop in general. And that would be my wish, that all this could just pass, but I really don't see it.

Both Ja Rule and 50 have children. We have enough children growing up without fathers or mothers; for one reason or the other. For the children this needs to be put to rest. And if the parties can't see that , and one seems it best to sit this one out, well then it just proves who the 'bigger' person is here. Lets hope this all ends soon and ends peacefully.

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