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Hip-Hop News: Mr. Cynical Presentz: 2Pac - Tha WestCoast Don
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/31/2003 6:27:05 AM

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This is from WCRydaz, so right off the top 'THANKS' out to them and Mr. Cynical .

Whatz crackin people. Tha time has come. This shit has been in tha workz for about 3 months now and with this album not only am I bringing HEAT, but I am proving a point. I dont need 2 other DJz and a studio to drop tha hottest remixez on tha planet. Tha homie Bigg Coke made a post in tha forum about how he noticed Dirty Harry and DJ Vlad biting my style of remixing on some of their songz on their little Rap Phenomenon album. I dont know for sure if thatz true, ya'll can be tha judge, but basically I got this remix thing on lock, and this album proves that. Fuck that mainstream shit. Rap Phenomenon was full of artists pac would have never worked with, beats he would have never got down on, and not 2 mention GREEN LANTERN EDITED THA BAD BOY DISS OUT OF THA TRACK HOMEBOYZ, which is basically showing they have no respect for tha man, they were just trying to cash in on him. FUCK THAT. I am droppin my shit FOR FREE, with WESTCOAST ARTISTS, and WESTCOAST BEATS, shit Pac WOULD have got down on if he was still here. So basically, like I said in tha intro, I dedicate this shit to DJ Vlad, Dirty Harry, and Green Lantern, this is how itz done muthafuckaz. One love to Sean T for droppin a little intro for me on tha California Remix, tha Moonshine Bandits & Gangsta Reese for showing love on this album, all tha homeboyz and homegirlz that called and represented for me on tha outro of tha album, Tha Schizo for hosting this shit 4 me, and every1 that supports what I do. Now for your listening pleasure I present to U, 2Pac - Tha WestCoast Don

1. A Crook, A Killa, A Thug [Intro]
2. Sex Power & Wealth feat. Kam, Xzibit, & Lady Of Rage
3. California feat. JT Tha Bigga Figga, Sean T, & Ray Luv
4. Ride Or Die feat. Mausberg
5. Touch My Soul
6. Beware Of My Crew feat. Techniq, Bad Azz, & Above Tha Law
7. Faded & X-Rated feat. Lil CS & Tha Mobstaz
8. Remember Me
9. Take Me Back [Interlude]
10. Aint No Fun feat. Too $hort, Kurupt, AMG & Warren G
11. Who Do U Believe In feat. Yaki Kadafi & Big Pimpin'
12. Daddy Was A Soulja
13. Gangbangerz feat. Daz Dillinger & Coolio
14. Baby Dont Cry feat. Tha Outlawz
15. Sleepin In A Casket feat. Celly Cel
16. Changez [Dedicated 2 Akademiikz]
17. Keep Myself From Fallin' feat. Spice 1
18. Worldwide feat. Tha Outlawz
19. Yo MTV Raps Freestyle
20. Hit Em Up feat. Tha Outlawz [LIVE VERSION]
21. Tha Outro


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