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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/23/2003 7:37:18 AM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Kurupt.

I would like to comment on the recent story about Kurupt saying some stuff about snoop and daz.

For those of you who don't know Kurupt and Gail Gotti are an item. Daz has; like he has done with everyone else , run his mouth not only on Death Row and it's C.E.O. (Suge Knight), but also had hash words about Gail Gotti and her sister, well really anyone who has ever had some contact with him. (Or it seems that way)

Gail Gotti has been in the 'Game' for awhile. She is no come lately trying to break in the business; she was brought up in the business. A beautiful talented sista, and I feeel maybe that is where part of daz's problem lies. In a free style Gail would shame daz --she would hurt him . The lady can spit. It seems daz has a problem with anyone who is more talented than himself. So I would say he likes no one; his dog probably even bites his ass..

Not that there is any love lost among peeps who like westcoast tracks. daz at best is a so so artist, spitter and producer. Can't really pull up a 'hit' or a tight cut from him for -----well about ever.

He has shown recently that he does not care what he says about who. From calling Afeni Shakur a 'greedy b---h' to his comments about Tupac and Death Row. We all know that he and Suge Knight have had legal dealings against each other for awhile. THAT IS BUSINESS. You have to seperate yourself from business to carry on in the real world. Everything is not business. And when you make your business , everybody else's business---you got problems.

This attack of daz's on Gail Gotti is just another 'cry out' for attention from daz. If things keep going the way they are, some one will answer his cries for attention; so be careful what you seek daz.

A 'BIG UP' to Kurupt for setting this dude straight. For those who don't know much about Gail Gotti, here is something from the Death Row web site about her.

Check  this out and find out who Gail Gotti is. She relates times with Tupac and Death Row, her upbringing and her current projects. And then you will see, maybe daz just has a problem because she is successful. And visit  for more of Gail Gotti and support the westcoast artist.

Born in Los Angeles Gail Gotti didn't have a typical childhood. After moving to the Valley at a young age she was introduced to the music industry at the age of 9 via her parents who had started Concord Records. Gail and Slim's group was called 'Cute E Nuff' and went on to release there first single called "Boys Aint Nothin But A Bother". Gail remembers going up to Capital records all the time, doing lots of promotional shows some with "The Boys" another group that was out at the time and doing very well. "I remember having to do autograph signing at mall's, talent shows, our parents kept us in very thing" Gail states about her early days in the industry. While other kids would come home from school and do house choirs Gail would come home and perfect her raps.

"It was a little weird arriving to school in Rolls Royce's and Jaguar's" Gail states about her elementary school "I was one of 5 black girl at that school, the rest of the students were white". Gail grew up in a house that had visitors such as Mr. Magic, Roxanne, Shante', Curtis Blow, Mc Shan and other recording artists. Its not hard to see that Gail was raised to become a artist her self.  

At the age of 16 Gail hooked up with Death Row Records in 1995 through her sister Virginya Slim. "Slim was a dancer at the time and Suge was about to shoot a video for a group he had. Slim was dancing for him at the time and you know me I'm just a tag-a-long little sister and would go to rehearsals with her." Gail's sister Virginya Slim went from being a dancer to a full fledged employee at Can Am Studios where Death Row Rec

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