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Hip-Hop News: Kurupt with a Few Words for Daz and Snoop
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/22/2003 6:46:28 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Kurupt, Daz Dillinger and Snoop Dogg.

Kurupt hit up the official Death Row boards again a few days ago, and you guessed it, he had a few words for both Daz, Snoop and the whole DPG crew.

"Fucc Daz, Fucc Snoop!!!! Both Of Them R Stingy Bitches. They Don't Even Ride Wit They Selves They Cousins And Was Talkin About Killin Each Other So That Shows U Whut Kind Of Bitches They R."

"I Put Snoop & Daz Bacc 2gether Cuzz They Were Both Actin Like Bitches & All The Homies Wanted Ta Beat Up SoopaBitch. I Wasn't On Any Of Them Albums Before I Went Bacc Anyway. So Fucc'm!!!!!!!! Im A Senior V.P Now And I Do Whut Tha Fucc I Wanna Do. And Im A C.E.O and I Do Movies & I Didnt Have Ta Succ A Dicc Ta Do It. Next Im Ownin My Own Movies I Already Own My Own Records."

"I Put Roscoe Out Thru Priority/Capital On Our Own Lable R.O.S.E Of Sharon Ent. Daz Iz Runnin Around Succin Anybodies Dicc Thats Successful. He Succin Snoops Dicc And He Just Was Callin Snoop A Bitch. Daz Succin 50 Cents Dicc, Daz Succin Jermaine Dupris Dicc Fucccccc."

"Why Dont 1 Of Yaw Make A Record So He Can Succ Ya Dicc!!!!! LOLLOLLOLLOL Whut A Bitch And He Cant Spell 4 Shit So Tell'm GET THE FUCC OFF THE MOTHERFUCCIN INTERNET & Come Face Gotti Like A Man!!!!!!
Keep It Hood!!!
Now Send This All Over The INTERNET & Ta DPG Records
Fucc Daz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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