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Hip-Hop News: G-Unit Player-Shoes-Flyers & 50 Cent Interview
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/19/2003 10:09:25 PM

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The G-Unit Player Is Here! Preview 'Beg For Mercy' on the G-Unit Player Now! MORE SONGS WILL BE ADDED SOON!

Quick News: * The G-Unit Shoe by RBK will be in Stores Nov. 4th. * G-Unit is Heading On the Road. Tour Schedule will be announced soon! * Continue to support the "Stunt 101" Video On * 50 Cent is Featured on the New 'Tupac Resurrection Soundtrack'! *

Street Exclusive: The 2nd Exclusive Limited G-Unit Member Flyers are circulating the streets this week and Featur 50 Cent & Tony Yayo. Make sure you head to the clubs, your local moms & Pops, Barbershops, and round the corner for your copy. The 3rd Flyer, Out Next Week, will tell the world what Big Thing G-Unit is giving away with 'Beg for Mercy'!

50's Exclusive Interview Featured on 'The Next Episode': Interscope Presents: The Next Episode will premier on Showtime Nov. 14th. 50, along with Eminem, Dr. Dre, Wyclef, and More are featured on the show.

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