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Hip-Hop News: Ludacris Pays a Visit to Howard Stern
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Posted by Dave
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10/17/2003 9:44:51 AM

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Howard brought in rapper Ludacris and noted he was wearing some major bling bling. Howard asked him how he was doing and he said he was just letting his nuts hang this morning. Howard was listening to some of Ludacris' stuff and there were some lyrics about licking and stuff as it faded out. Howard said he heard that Ludacris banged one of their intern's friends and he refused to give oral to her. Howard said that's not surprising because he wouldn't want to do oral on a one night stand either. The intern came in a few seconds later and said that this all happened last year. The intern said she's from Atlanta and her friend knew him pretty well. The intern said her friend said Ludacris had a big penis as well. Ludacris said he was going to let them go with the story because he knows it's not true. He said he never invites anyone to award shows. Ludacris just let the intern go on and on but denied it all. He said he didn't know the name that she gave either.

Howard asked Ludacris about banging white chicks. He said he did do one years ago but he doesn't remember it all that well. He told Howard that his album is number one in the country right now. That album, Chicken N Beer, is available now. He said they sold like 430,000 copies last week.

Howard asked Ludacris about how he was discovered when he was a DJ at a radio station. He was trying to get one of his demo CDs played while he was working there in Atlanta. They spent a short time talking about that before changing subjects again. Howard asked him about the nice jacket he was wearing and if he grew up poor. He said for the most part he did grow up pretty poor. He said he buys a lot of stuff for his family. Howard said the jacket must be like $5,000. Howard also noticed the jewelry he was wearing. He said he had a human skull made out of diamonds that was worth about $100,000. He also said that the earrings he was wearing are worth about $60,000 each. Howard wondered if they're insured. Ludacris said that all of it is insured and certified so he can get his money back in the future.

Howard asked Ludacris if he's in any feuds at this time. He said he's kind of in a feud with Bill O'Reilly over a boycott O'Reilly had to get Ludacris out of the Pepsi ads he was in. Pepsi apparently felt the pressure and backed out of the ads because O'Reilly wanted to have a boycott against the product. Ludacris said he feels like Bill is a racist and a hypocrite. He said he actually has two songs about him on his new CD. One of the songs is ''Blow it Out Your Ass.''

Howard took a call from a guy who asked ''What's up my nigga?'' Howard told the guy he can't do that because he's white. Howard asked if white guys like Eminem can do that. Ludacris didn't seem to know that they could even say that on the air. The caller ended up asking him why rapper's careers don't last very long. Ludacris said that you have to keep your face out there for the fans to see.

Howard asked Ludacris if he's ever been to jail. He said he has been there and had a story to tell Howard. Howard asked him if he's allowed to carry a gun. Down in Georgia he claims that it's legal to carry so that's what he does. He said he has a Glock and a Desert Eagle that he carries. He then got into this story he wanted to tell. He said he was in North Carolina at a strip club this one time. This woman brought them in and it turns out that she had her daughters dancing at her own club. Then the mother tried to get on his tour bus and dance for them. He said the strip club was a family business which he seemed to find kind of odd.

Howard asked Ludacris if he's ever shoplifted. He said he did that back in the day. Howard said he once stole a tie tack from a store when he was a kid. He said he wasn't even wearing a tie back then so he doesn't know why he stole it.

A listener called in and told Howard to play his ''My Niggas'' cover. Howard said he'd be honored to have Ludacris listen to that song.

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