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Hip-Hop News: G Rap Talks New Album, Nas, & Jigga
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/16/2003 6:39:33 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Nas and Jay-Z.

With G Rap’s “Click of Respect” album due out in a week, the Kool Genius recently spoke to sohh on a variety of topics:

On what happened with Rawkus:

"They kept pushing the album back and had lost their financial situation. On top of that they weren't up front with me. I had to find out from other sources. Koch came about because Rawkus had to pay to release me. That was one of the options."

On who he’d like to collaborate with:

“Jigga would be one of the artists I would work with... 50. That's basically it right now."

On the state of hip-hop:

"A lot of cats are producing in a certain manner to please radio or some of the video networks. It seems like there's a lot of animated sh!t out there. I hear from a lot cats that can't really fuck with the hip-hop music scene right now."

On a reunion with Nas:

"There's always a chance for me and Nas to get together in the future. I think just as long as we're both in the game we'll always get together every now and then and do something together."

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