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Hip-Hop News: Killah Priest Update
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/16/2003 1:45:14 AM

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Rumors of bad blood between Killah Priest and RZA have circulated for years. Perpetuated by a radical drop-off in collaborations with individual core members and an absence of Wu production on Killah Priest's three solo albums since 1998's Heavy Mental, talk of dissent has persisted with little comment from the parties involved. Whether true or untrue, this may now be a thing of the past, judging from the body of Wu/Killah Priest material slated to come out in the next few months. What's more, horror-core pioneers The Gravediggaz may be staging a resurrection with both RZA and Killah Priest in the lineup.

On the Wu front, fans almost saw a reunion of Killah Priest with RZA and GZA on Priest's latest album, but the track was pulled at the last minute. Killah Priest says he recorded with RZA and GZA for the original track list of Black August, but that the track and several others were removed due to unwillingness of the record label, Recon Records, to pay for certain samples. Other songs omitted included collaborations with Canibus and Kurupt, who along with Killah Priest and the incarcerated Ras Kass form the lyrical supergroup The Four Horsemen.

Regardless of the pulled RZA/GZA track, Killah Priest has tracks coming out on various Wu Tang solo projects, and recently even scored Ol' Dirty Bastard (a.k.a. Dirt McGirt) for a new remix to be included as a bonus track on a re-release of Black August. To celebrate the coup, Priest is currently making a tour of radio stations, dropping off "Do the Damn Thing (Remix)" and spreading the word. "Dirt came through, showed like a gentleman--I couldn't believe it, I was like 'O.D.B!' He laid his verse down and the sh!t was dope. Word. He just showed me love. When artists show each other love like that, there's a mutual feeling. We're all coming up. I'm on an independent label right now--we got the money to do things, but we got to make the right moves."

KP has also recorded a track with Method Man and Masta Killa for the latter's No Said Date due in January 2004, and reportedly has one or more tracks in the hopper for an unspecified upcoming solo project from RZA. "I did a whole bunch of songs with RZA before that might end up on his album, not too long ago." And to return the favor of a gold-fronted gentleman, he says that a collaboration on McGirt's Roc-A-Fella debut looks likely.

GZA has reportedly been contacting KP for a possible future collaboration, as well. "GZA's been hitting me up lately, so I guess he wants to go back into the studio and knock out some new stuff. When he call me, I'm'a come through."

Last but by no means least, a distinct possibility exists of a full-length project involving Killah Priest and RZA with some previous studio mates. Many figured the unfortunate death of Poetic in 2002 from metastatic cancer would spell the retirement of The Gravediggaz, but news reports have been swirling around concerning a possible resurrection of the Gravediggaz with Killah Priest as a core member. The rumored new lineup would include original members Frukwan, RZA, and Prince Paul, along with Killah Priest, Shabazz the Disciple, and Warcloud (a.k.a. Holocaust). Priest and Shabazz both made guest appearances on the first two Gravediggaz albums.

"It's out there, but it's like nobody talked to me about this. I haven't talked to RZA<, I haven't talked to Frukwan. Shabazz the Disciple would be dope--I want to hook up with him again and do some songs with him. Frukwan's my brother, he's cool, but I haven't seen him. I'm tryin' to figure out where he at, so we can record some songs."

Regardless of what happens with the Gravediggaz, Killah Priest is keeping busy is the studio. Additional projects in the works include an album of the Four Horsemen, with Canibus, Ras Kass, and Kurupt; a Maccabees group project titled The Revolt, with Hell Razah, Daddy Rose, Timbo King, and new member Flame; and a follow-up solo album, tentatively t

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