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Hip-Hop News: Activision's New Video Game, True Crime: Streets of L.A.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
10/15/2003 11:24:46 PM

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New York, NY – KOCH Entertainment in conjunction with Vybe Squad LLC is proud to announce the release of True Crime™: Streets of L.A.™, a brand new 20-track compilation and companion piece to the highly anticipated game of the same name from Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI). The album features an incredible mix of new studio material from some of the biggest names in West Coast hip-hop. The CD is the first release of its kind to feature all new original material, all of which is heavily featured in the game.

Bob Frank, President of KOCH Entertainment says, “We are excited to partner up with Vybe Squad and Activision in the release of this special project.  We hope it is the first of many.”

Snoop Dogg, the undisputed Doggfather of hip-hop, is featured on the soundtrack release with “Dance With Me,” an incredible new song that samples the legendary Marvin Gaye.  Additional new cuts by Cali heavyweights Westside Connection (feat. Ice Cube), Jayo Felony, Warren G., and Bizzy Bone are just a handful of highlights on this new collection.

Furthermore, the Activision game also features licensed tracks from old school West Coast rappers such as Ice T and D.O.C., as well as contemporary hip-hop acts like N.E.R.D, providing a compelling backdrop to the game’s no-holds-barred car chases, shootouts, on-foot pursuits and hand-to-hand combat.

“True Crime: Streets of L.A. represents the largest collection of original West Coast hip-hop music ever assembled for a videogame soundtrack,” says Chris Archer, executive producer, Activision Worldwide Studios.  “The collision of the game’s intense action with the pulse pounding sounds from the powerhouses of urban music will elevate video game soundtracks to a whole new standard.”

“Vybe Squad is thrilled to have partnered with Activision to release what is sure to be one of the most extraordinary and innovative collections of hip-hop music,” added Bright Riley, CEO, Vybe Squad.  “This album marks the first time that the entire west coast is joining forces to create some of the hottest flows L.A. has to offer.”

The complete track listing is as follows:

1. Dance With Me/Snoop Dogg
2. True Crime Remix (Young West Edition)/The Game, Young Dre, Bishop, & Sixx John
3. Terrorist Threat /Westside Connection
4. Don't Fight The Pimpin' /Suga Free- DJ Quik
5. I'll Do Anything /Damizza, N.U.N.E.
6. We Came Here To Ride /Warren G. Feat RBX
7. Drinks in The Air /Hollywood (Unique, J'Nel, Swoop)
8. Hollywood /Bizzy Bone
9. Thug Night (Let Me See Something) /Jayo Felony
10. We Don't Stop/Soulstar
11. Do Time /Pomona City Rydaz, Lil ½ dead
12. Legends /Boo Ya Tribe-Battlecat
13. Don't Do Tha Crime (Trailer Theme) Kam feat. Cavie & Above the Law
14. They Don't Know /Dee Dimes Feat. Bigg Swoop
15. G'z Moving- Big Tray Deee, feat. Pomona City Rydaz
16. Flow /Sly Boogy
17. How We Live /Lil ½ Dead, Showtime, Kontroversy & Quicktomac
18. Roll Wit Me /Young Billionaires
19. Cali Folks /Stylistik
20. Get It Craccin’/Lil Eazy E


In the video game, True Crime: Streets of L.A., players assume the role of rogue Elite Operations Division operative Nick Kang, a bad ass ex-cop, whose brutal reputation and lethal skills have landed him the nasty

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