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Posted by Robert
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10/13/2003 8:04:28 AM

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 Hip-hop superstar Nelly said it best: Monday night's Source Hip-Hop Music Awards at the Miami Arena was a ''come as you are'' bash.

Dressed in a red, white and blue Vokal sports jersey and sweats (Nelly's own line), a doo-rag, backwards trucker cap and beyond a little bling-bling, the crossover star embodied the fashion theme of the night -- at least for the men. The event was about the music; the fashion was street-thug-meets-flash.

He and dozens of others made their way down the red carpet Monday in a more than four-hour spectacle that included members of the Fugees varooming in to the Miami Arena on louder-than-loud motorcycles.

Ja Rule, who scored one award for his rap collaboration with Bobby Brown, whizzed through the red carpet in a grey sports jersey, opting for a simple Dom Perignon bottle as his primary accessory. Naughty By Nature's Trench, in a No. 23 Michael Jordan throwback jersey, Chanel sunglasses and Nikes, called his look ``naughty street.''

Dancehall reggae singer Sean Paul went for a camouflage cap, brown Live Mech T-shirt, rainbow terrycloth arm band, ''SP'' medallion and Harley-Davidson belt, called his get-up ''Freedom Fighter.'' Miami's own Trick Daddy, all in Pumas, jeans, and in what he says was his ''305'' fashion line, showed off like a local.

The ladies swerved away from casual. Muhammad Ali's genetically blessed daughter, boxer Layla Ali, looked gorgeous in a sheer black and red flowery long-sleeved top by Vivienne Tam over a satin black mini by Josie.

Lil' Kim pulled a shocker, for her. Read: minimal exposure. Her Roberto Cavalli black and green long-sleeved gown covered almost all -- except for the hint of g-string peeking out the side.

Teen-aged 3LW (ages 16-19) got lost in space -- the trio in different-but-similar astronautish, silver outfits designed by Plein Sud. Salt-N-Pepa deejay Spinderella pulled a pretty-in-pink-suede. Laced up the side, her pants suit was by Creative Fashions, a designer out of New York. Her fox stole (real, not the politically correct fake stuff) was dyed to match in dusty pink. Glasses: Chanel.

Da Brat went ghetto fabu-lous in a custom made Von Dutch denim gas station attendant suit, a La Perla bra peeking out from underneath. On her legs were a painting of her face -- all in Swarovski crystals. ''It's me! Can't you tell?'' she screamed at the crowd.

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