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Hip-Hop News: No Dr. Dre on Upcoming 213 Album
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/10/2003 7:52:49 PM

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Terrible news for Shady/G-Unit/Aftermath fans. Last Wednesday at 11 PM, Snoop Dogg was on Power 106 talking to Felli Fel while the station was playing classic Snoop material. They talked about Snoop's television show, his upcoming solo album, and the 213 album.

After Felli had finished playing "Deep Cover" (the first song Snoop ever recorded with Dr. Dre), Felli said, "Snoop, here's a question that I know every rap fan is wondering... when are you (both Snoop as a solo artist and 213) ever going to work with Dr. Dre again?"

Considering we all believed Dre would be on the album, we would expect Snoop to reply by giving a quick "Hell yeah! He's on our album!" Instead, Snoop replied by saying that it's all up to Dre. Which leads us to believe that there are no definite plans with Dre and the group in the near future. Although there can still be hopes of Dre playing a part in this album, Snoop's response sounded as if there was no confirmation made.

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