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Hip-Hop News: Foxy Leaves Def Jam
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Posted by Robert
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10/10/2003 7:29:48 PM

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"Rapper Foxy Brown is no longer with Def Jam Records after publicly butting heads with the CEO of the Island Def Jam Music Group, Lyor Cohen.
Brown's management confirmed that she was no longer with Def Jam, but would not provide details on her release from the label.
In April, Brown appeared on Wendy William's WBLS radio show and made it clear that she wished to sever ties with the label, after her album Ill Na Na Part 2: The Fever, was shelved indefinitely.
"[Cohen's] response was, 'Over my dead body am I letting you go. You're stuck.' Verbatim," Foxy said.
During that interview Foxy expressed a desire to work with Dre's Aftermath label, citing the creative freedom his artists seem to enjoy.
Def Jam refused to comment.

Def Jam and Bad Boy announced that they would jointly release albums by 112 and Foxy Brown in February of 2003, after 112 jumped ship from Bad Boy to Def Jam.
Not to be outdone, Combs filed an injunction against the label and announced that he would executive produce Brown's album.
The two resolved the dispute out of court by agreeing to split the profits on both Brown and 112's future releases and feature both label's logos on the releases.
It is not clear how Brown's departure from Def Jam will effect that agreement.

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