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Hip-Hop News: Jadakiss Signs as Spokesman For Hip Hop Cognac
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/10/2003 5:57:47 AM

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JADAKISS has signed on to be spokesman for a new brand of cognac designed specifically for hip-hop fans.

NYAK, which spokespeople call "the first drink specifically for the hip hop generation", comes in a variety of sizes including a 50-millilitre cigar tube which was designed by the company's boss PATRICK CHARPENTIER.

Charpentier started the company in 2002 and with Jadakiss as the spokesman, they're aiming for the urban market.

A spokesperson says, "They just started a national campaign. They have a whole street team that's gonna put up posters, T-shirts, all of that. They are pushing it like it's a hip-hop record. Barbershops, car washes and any place that people will be listening to hip-hop."

In addition, a tour and an exclusive Nyak mixtape featuring Jadakiss and the D-BLOCK crew, is in the works.

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