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Hip-Hop News: D12 Ready for Halloween
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Posted by Robert
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10/10/2003 5:41:54 AM

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D12 have entered the studio to record their second album, Devil's Night II: Halloween. The Detroit rap ensemble will release the set in February 2004.

The Dirty Dozen's most visible member, Eminem, will handle some production duties on the record, along with fellow D12'er Kon Artis (Proof, Bizarre, Swift and Kuniva round out D12's lineup). The group has also enlisted the golden touch of producer Kanye West (DMX, Jay-Z).

Though D12's roots date back to the early-Nineties when Proof and Bizarre started rapping together, the group didn't get around to releasing its full-length debut, Devil's Night until June 2001, utilizing the momentum of Eminem's solo career. The album debuted Number One that summer.

Proof has been D12's second most visible member since Devil's Night, releasing Promatic with rapper Dogmatic in 2002, touring with Eminem's Anger Management Tour and taking a role in the film 8 Mile. His solo debut, which was tentatively titled Searching 4 Jerry Garcia, was due earlier this year, but has been delayed.

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