Hip-Hop News: Kill Bill Vol 1 Scored by the RZA
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Posted by Robert
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10/10/2003 2:56:01 AM

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 WuTang's RZA has scored another film. This time it's the Quentin Tarintino flick, Kill Bill Vol 1. And since the soundtracks of Tarantino's previous 3 movies were great (Jackie Brown especially) it'll be interesting to see how RZA adds his own style to the film. Accroding to the PR release the score 'mixes hip-hop and funk with the Hong Kong and Japanese influence that color the film'. RZA made some original tracks for the movie but also helped the director is picking classic songs that fit the films style.
RZA continues to add to his list of skills as a producer. His first film score was for the modern day samurai movie, Ghost Dog:Way of the Samurai . Kill Bill stays close to the films that gave WuTang it's name. Kill Bill itself is a homage to the classic martial arts films of the 70's from the Shaw Brothers and studios like Goldent Harvest. Uma Thurman even sports Bruce Lee's Game of Death outfit.

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