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Hip-Hop News: Boo Yaa Tribes West Kosta Nostra Drops 10-7-03
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Posted by Robert
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10/9/2003 6:43:59 AM

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LOS ANGELES - October 5, 2003 - The much anticipated release of the Boo Yaa TRIBE's latest project "West Kosta Nostra" will be released on Tuesday, October 7th, 2003. To celebrate the release, the Boo Yaa TRIBE will make several appearances in clubs throughout Los Angeles including The Joint located at 8771 West Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles on Oct. 7th,2003 between 9PM - 2AM. The album features such artists as WC, Mack 10, Eminem, Kurupt, Knoc-Turn'al, Gail Gotti, Crooked I and Eastwood with production direction from Battlecat. 

 Their first single off the album "Bang On" has been receiving spins in major markets and colleges in anticipation of the album's release date. Rolling Stone, Billboard, MTV, VH1, Reuters and Rime to name a few were all excited about the return of mighty giants themselves - the Boo Yaa TRIBE and ran features and interviews in the past few weeks. The Source will be featuring the TRIBE in the next two issues as well. Additionally DJ Warrior releases his "Cali Untouchables Part 2" Mixtape CD hosted by the Boo Yaa TRIBE this week.

 Eminem, who produced "911" on the Boo Yaa Tribe's album, also convinced Cypress Hill's B-Real to take a verse as well. Titled "911," the song is a warning call set to the sound of a gun repeatedly firing. "Hip-hop is in a state of 911," Eminem raps. "It feels like any minute the bomb is about to go off." Eminem understood where the TRIBE is coming from and what they have been through and wanted to be part of their Peace mission of sorts for West Coast Hip-Hop.

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