Death Row
Suge is Getting a 'Raw Deal' From All the Haterz
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Posted by Robert
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10/6/2003 7:03:22 PM

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   What ever you may think of this man, I have to say I have a great respect for him. He has proven time and time again that he can take what they dish out to him and still keep his head up. This 'case' that has in lock down now is and was complete bullshit from the start. The authorities and all the other haterz, try to keep him down and the man still has his head up. Even being locked down he still manages to get a role in the upcoming Stallone movie about Tupac and Biggie.

   He was there for Tupac when Tupac got locked down in New York. He put the bucks up to get Tupac out on bail pending appeal.He was one of Tupac's home boyz. And still the haterz believe shit that the media and others put out there, just to smear the name of Marion 'Suge' Knight.

   If you have thoughts about Suge based on what the media has said or Daz or any of those other haterz, I wish you would think again. You see everybody talking this 'well Tupac wouldn't ride with 50 or Ja or Eminem"---BUT Tupac did roll with Suge. That is a fact, not something made up by one of you 'cyber gangstaz'. The media and others have twisted things and minipulated things to affect the way this man is precieved; the same way they have twisted thoughts of Tupac.

   Suge is a God fearing , believing person ; who has a heart and feelings for others. And it is not fair that the press and others have made him this 'monster' or the 'fall guy' for what happened to our Tupac. If there was evidence of such things, I am sure the police would have acted on it. We are all looking for someone to blame for the loss of Tupac. We feel we have been cheated and we want revenge. Let's just make sure we are taking our revenge out on the right people.

   Suge is in lock down right now, but he continues to hold his head up and walk it off. I personally commend him for being the man he is. A strong minded , smart business man who started a record label and has watched it grow. There has been many up's and downs in Suge's life, and I am ashamed that those who call theirselves fans of Tupac are not watching out for his homies. Especially one of his homies that helped him out and gave us some good music in return.

   Tupac was only at Death Row for 9 months. In those 9 months look at all the tracks he laid for us. Look at all the tracks we would not have if Suge didn't get Tupac out and bring him to Death Row. Suge was a major 'player' in giveng us some of the greatest tracks of Tupac. And we thank him by dissing and hate'n on him. Man to me that is wack thinking.

   Like I said Suge is in lock down now in Chino Ca.. If you feel the way I do or if you would just like to drop him a note of encouragement, his temporary address is;


P.O. BOX 441-#217

CHINO, CA 91708

   Let him know you think about him and how he's doing. Maybe 'thank' him for those Tupac tracks your banging on that Alpine. That's all I got; just think about it and make up your own mind based on facts. Not a twisted veiw offered by mainstream media and the other haterz. Oh yea, let him know where you got his address / compliments of Robert (or RB as he would know). (*These are my personal thoughts, and in no way have anything to do with this site,it's owner or my fairness in reporting the news. Don't agree Hit Me Up with an e-mail)

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