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Hip-Hop News: CJ Mac is Back With C-Walk DVD
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/6/2003 6:37:46 PM

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West Coast hip-hop veteran CJ Mac has released his DVD C-Walk, which discusses the once sacred ritual of the Crips gang, which has gone mainstream and is now being performed by the L.A. Laker Girls and Bow Wow.

CJ said, “The DVD shows how the dance has become popular and where it originated from….Since people have stopped talking about the gang violence out here because it happens so often, the DVD also wakes people up to the fact that there’s still a lot of killing going on that’s not making the news…” The DVD also includes discussions on the dance and gang involvement from such Crip affiliated MCs as Snoop, Kurupt, Ice-T, Warren G, and WC. CJ added, “I rapped and ate off of talking about this gangsta life so this a way for me to give back. I’m also uniting with Jim Brown’s Unity One gang prevention program and I’m working with Malik Yoba to take C-Walk the play on tour and talk to the kids about bringing a cease to gang violence.”

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