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Hip-Hop News: Subpoena Issued in New Jersey for 50 Cent
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Posted by Robert
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10/5/2003 8:09:13 PM

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(10/6/03, 10 a.m. ET) -- Rapper Lil' Kim's boyfriend, Damion Hardy, is being investigated by authorities in relation to a shooting that occurred outside of a Doubletree Hotel in Jersey City, New Jersey on September 9 while rapper 50 Cent was attempting to check into the hotel according to New York's Daily News. No one was hurt in the incident.

Authorities have been passing out mug shots of Hardy to witnesses of the shooting. Hardy, an ex-con, served prison time for shooting at a narcotics cop and witness tampering. He lives with Lil' Kim at her Bergen County estate.

According to witnesses at the hotel, gunfire erupted just as 50 Cent and about a dozen members of his entourage approached the side entrance of the hotel. No one was injured during the gunfire but the rapper and his entourage jumped into several SUVs and left the scene before police arrived. Nine shell casings were found, three from a .45 caliber weapon and six from .40 caliber weapon.

Authorities have issued a subpoena in 50 Cent's name, Curtis Jackson, in order to question the rapper, but the subpoena is only good in New Jersey. 50 Cent is presently in Europe finishing up a tour.

Jersey City Police Capt. Peter Nalbach explained the situation, "We have some photographs, and we are trying to get people who were actually there to identify the people in the photographs. We believe 50 Cent was present, and we still want to talk to him."

Authorities believe that the shots were warning shots. Just a few hours before the incident, 50 Cent was on New York's WQHT and during his impromptu freestyle session the rapper rhymed, "I wrote 'Magic Stick'/I gave Kim a hit/Then I refused to shoot the video, she threw a little fit/Got emotional and sh-t/Now this I don't get/Why would I care about your emotions, you're not my beeyatch."

Prior to recording the duet, 50 Cent accused the singer of having plastic surgery on her nose in the song "Love Me," on the 8 Mile soundtrack. Then the duo recorded the chart-topping hit "Magic Stick" last year, but Lil' Kim was said to be upset that 50 Cent would not appear in a video for the song nor perform the hit with the singer.

Calls to Lil' Kim's representatives were not returned at press time.

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