Did Our Generation Lose Our Malcolm When Tupac Died
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/5/2003 10:25:18 AM

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Did Our Generation Lose Our Malcolm, When Tupac Died?

Generations seem to always have a 'voice' that speaks for them.

In my fathers generations case it was Bro.Min. Malcolm X. Malcom X made white society uneasy. The words he spoke where full of truth, and a need for social change. That 'voice' of that generation was silenced on 2-21-65 at 3:10 p.m. in the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem. That day 'The Prince of Harlem' was forced to leave this world, his family and a whole generation behind.

My generation had Tupac Shakur. Who spoke or rapped or wrote in poetry the truth about the status of the social problems and also preached a need for a social change. On Sat. Sept. 7th, 1996 at 11:15 pm Tupac Shakur was shot. Although he fought like a souljah for a week, those wounds took his life on Sept. 13th, 1996 at 4:03pm. Our generations 'voice' was silenced.

In generations past when one voice was stilled another rose up to carry on the work of the first. Bro. Min. Malcolm X had The Black Panthers to pick up the tourch and to continue to voice the ill's of the society and point out a need for change.

Today our voice is still not found or remains silent. When gangsta rap first came about, it was out of need. A need to point out the social failings and the cause or root of the problem.

Groups like NWA, Public Enemy, Ice T, Tupac Shakur and many Westcoast groups rapped about the social ill's and a need for change. And even pointed out that many were fed up with being ignored. The 'ol thought of politicians of 'Ignore them and they will go away...' wasn't working.

Rap music and gangsta rap brought society face to face with the truth of life in the hood and what it took to survive on the streets. And the politicians didn't like it. Ice T's Cop Killers, or NWA's Straight Out of Compton made people uneasy. They were afraid of what they saw; and what they saw was the truth staring them in the face.

The past generation had the Black Panthers and other organizations to make sure the message continued. And thanks to their hard work, Americans of color are no longer living under Jim Crowe laws.

Who has sstepped up to carry on where Tupac was cut short? Where are the 'Brenda's Got a Baby' or 'Keep Ya Head Up' , 'Changes', 'Dear Mama', 'Me Against The World', and the list goes on and on.

Eastcoast rap has dominated the rap scene the last few years. The bases for the 'East' rap is clubb'en, hoochie's, and gym shoes. The younger generation watches video's that are mainly about getting drunk, what kind of ride ya got,what hoe you can pull, or what your wearing and these things are what is important to them. And then they find those things all cost money, and many of them find theirselves hung up in the system; trying to get them.

There is no social message in the Eastcoast based music we have today. The biggest controversy that is recent is about 'Pimp Juice'. What importance will that have on a child in the streets? I agree that that drink should not be out there; but aren't there so many issues that could be addressed and brought to light? Issues of social change and social meaning?

I am afraid we have lost our voice for good in my generation. And now they are remixing and re remixing the words of Tupac, slowly watering them down until they will have lost their meaning and standing in history.

I would wish for that 'new' voice to be heard. Where are the NWA's , the Public Enemy's now that we need a voice. Nothing against Nelly or Chingy or any of the 'good time' rappers, but it is not all good times out here for all of us, and we are desperate for a voice.

When rappers are more involved in dissing each other or looking for beef with each other, instead of trying to make a change; they should not claim they are for or from the street. Use that energy and talent and make a difference. Some try to imitate Tupac. They try to dress like him, so

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