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Hip-Hop News: Bad Azz' Manager Tries to Rob and Murder Rap Star
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
9/30/2003 5:21:16 PM

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On September 10, 2003, Uncle Chuck, the manager of Badazz and liason for Snoop Dogg
attempted to rob and murder Mikel Knight in Claremont, CA on the way to The Church, Snoop's studio.
Uncle Chuck, Saz Sampler and Mikel Knight had negotiated terms to have Snoop appear on Mike's new record.
Here is the press release:


Howie Simone (323) 822- 0168
Webster & Associates Public Relations
8219 Norton Ave Suite 6
West Hollywood CA 90046


(Claremont, CA September 20, 2003) Texas Rap artist Mikel Knight was hospitalized Wednesday, September 10th in Pomona, CA after sustaining injuries from broken glass and gunpowder burns during an attempted homicide and robbery. The entertainer was scheduled to record with Snoop Dogg at The Church studios that evening, but never made it to the residence. Claremont police are searching for two suspects, including “Uncle Chuck”, a well-known entertainment manager, and partner with rap artist Badazz in Double Dollar Sign Records. Mikel Knight had arranged in advance to record songs for an upcoming album project with Saz Sampler and Snoop Dogg. At approximately 9 p.m. the night of the 10th, “Uncle Chuck” (believed to be Charles Simmons) and his driver pulled large caliber pistols on Mikel Knight and Saz Sampler. All four were traveling through a Claremont, CA neighborhood when the two assailants attempted to hold them at gunpoint. In the struggle to get out of the vehicle, Chuck fired his weapon point blank at Mikel Knight’s head. Mikel managed to pull his head back in time to dodge the bullet that shattered the emerald green Escalade’s window. During the confusion, Mikel managed to jump out the shattered window and escape on foot. The assailants chased Mikel through the neighborhood while holding Saz Sampler at gunpoint. In order to escape, Mikel Knight had to jump through a glass picture window of a nearby residence, startling the family inside. The suspects were able to escape after dumping Saz at the scene. Police are conducting an exhaustive search for the suspects after interviewing Mikel Knight in his home state of Texas.
The Claremont Police Department can be reached at (909) 399-5411. This attempted murder and robbery is case number 033784, and the detective in charge is Agent Karlan Bennett. The investigation is still pending.

*Thanks to Mr. Cynial at WC for the post.

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