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Hip-Hop News: 'Tentative' - 'Blood in My Eye' Tracklist
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
9/26/2003 8:49:26 PM

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This is MAYBE the tracklist of  'Blood in My Eye'.  We got it from a  INC. community member, bus it isn't finial..

 01. Intro
02. Lord Help Me
03. Clap Back
04. Gangsta ***** Feat. Vita
05. Crown
06. Buck Buck Feat. Eastwood & Crooked I
07. Blood In My Eye
08. Back 2 Back Feat. Mic Geronimo
09. Race Against Time Pt. 2
10. Gangsta Clique Feat. Black Child Cadillac Tah Young Merc & Ronnie Bumps
11. Interlude
12. Eye For An Eye Feat. Hussein Fatal
13. Murder On My Hands
14. Only Time Will Tell Feat. Chink Santana
15. Lost & Alone
16. Whats Death?
17. My Lil *****
18. Its On Feat. Kurupt
19. Outro
About the next Album we don't know anything, just that it should be a double
LP and comming in winter or spring. The Ep should be released on November
the 3th.

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