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Hip-Hop News: Claiming To Be Rap Thugs For Sales
Another popular "thug Rapper" is 50 cent, here is the chorus of his hit song "In Da Club". "You can find me in the club bottle full of bub. Look mani I got the X if you into taking drugs. I'm into sex. I ain't into making love............
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
9/22/2003 8:09:13 PM

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According to the International Recording Industry hip hop is the fastest rising music market. In addition to that the Recording Industry Association of America already ranks hip hop as the second most popular form of music. Given these statistics there is no doubt that hip hop is big a part of American culture. However the thug image is not hip hop. In a recent Internet interview, DJ Lord Ron a respected DJ and producer, discredits the thug image in hip hop.

“Where is the validation in being a hooligan, a gangster, a mugger?..It’z a wack validation because REAL thugs move in silence and any real street person who represents being from the streets respects that code of silence na mean. Now, when I see or hear these artists claiming to be thugs. I see nothing but followers of a trend just for the dollar bill na mean. I even heard the bubble gum group ‘B2k’ use the word ‘Thug’… Do you really think these artists are real thugs?…A person can be anything they want to be in this society and to blame others for your actions of being this thug is straight up wack yo!…America is in love with violence & sex it does sell but there are many other topics that these rappers can write about.”

DJ Lord Ron starts out by saying that real thugs do not go out and boast about the things they do. The real thugs keep it in the street. For a real thug to go on an album and boast about the things they have done would basically serve as a confession and would lead to them going to jail. Lord Ron states that the “thug” image is being followed because it is the current trend; it is what is selling. The people who are buying into the thug image do not realize the motives behind these artists is strictly money.

The consumers buy into the thug image as reality. The people who listen to that music begin to think that it is acceptable to do the things that are being talked about in the songs. Listening to constant talk about violence and drugs does affect people. Here is an example of what these people are listening to. The following lyrics are from one of the more popular rappers Eminem, from his song “Killing” from the Marshall Mathers LP, “You faggots keep eggin me on til I have you at knifepoint, then you beg me to stop? Shut up! Give me your hands and feet I said shut up when I'm talkin to you You hear me? Answer Me? Or I'ma kill you!" This violent excerpt is just one of the many examples from Eminem. Eminem clearly relies on shock value to get attention. Another popular “thug rapper” is 50 Cent, here is the chorus to his hit song “In Da Club”. “You can find me in the club bottle full of bub. Look mami I got the X if you into taking drugs I’m into having sex, I aint into makin love. So come give me a hug if you into getting rubbed.”

This song talks about taking drugs and having sex as everyday things. Kids are going around singing this chorus as casually as if they were singing the alphabet. 50 Cent is what is wrong with hip hop today.............

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