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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
9/16/2003 6:55:35 PM

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P. Diddy recently finished up production assignments for Britney Spears and a host of acts on his Bad Boy label, and has just signed on to lay tracks for the next LL Cool J album. But after hitting #1 with the single "Shake Ya Tailfeather" and feeling another hit on his hands with the Lenny Kravitz- and Pharrell Williams-assisted "Show Me Your Soul," Diddy has that itch to lay it down on the other side of the boards. He's starting to think about rocking the mic himself for another P. Diddy LP.

"A lot of this is the warm-up, the prequel, the reinvention of going into the next level, figuring out what I'm gonna do for my next album," Diddy said last week on the set of "Show Me Your Soul" in Jersey City, New Jersey. "That’s gonna be coming out next year. I wanna make something special. I don’t want to do nothing I did before and I wanna do something creative and I wanna make something more musical than anything I've ever done.

"Something that really touches your emotional strings," Diddy added. "And I wanna tour heavily next year and have a ball and entertain mutha----ers like they coming to the circus."

Diddy has been playing ringleader of the new Bad Boy movement this year. Since moving his label over to Universal, he's two for two. The "Bad Boys II" soundtrack debuted at #1 on the Billboard albums charts in July and kept its position for four consecutive weeks. "Shake Ya Tailfeather" has also stuck at #1 after first topping the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart three weeks ago. Away from his label, the LP Diddy executive produced for Mary J. Blige, Love & Life, also came in at #1.

"We know about that #1 spot and we strive for it," Diddy said. "I'm very happy. I won't say I'm surprised that the soundtrack did so well … I'm just blessed. It's got so many hits on there, I would hope it would do well. But it has passed my expectations. It was a good look, making sure the first release [stemming from my new distribution deal] came in at #1. It definitely got the weight off my shoulders as far as relaunching Bad Boy back into the game."

The immediate future for Bad Boy's relaunch is going to be on the backs of Carl Thomas, Bad Boy's Da Band and Loon. All those acts are scheduled to drop before 2003 closes.

"We tried to recapture the chemistry and magic we brought to the table with the 'I Need a Girl' trilogy," Loon explained of his new single, "Down for Me," off his October 21 self-titled debut. "It’s a little more edgy. It's a step from needing a girl to needing a woman. Once again I'm speaking for guys who don’t wanna exercise their soft side."

Thomas is still getting his first single together, but has a tentative release date of November 18 for his still-untitled album. Da Band is already up and running with a single and video for "Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That." That's the first single from the group's September 30 release, Too Hot for TV.

"It's a blessing coming from rags, [going from] nothing to something," the rapper formerly known as Chopper and now known as Young City said about being under Diddy's wing. "It’s a blessing, ya heard me. We finnin to make history, ya heard me."

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