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Hip-Hop News: Former VP of Aftermath Ent. on Rakim's departure
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Posted by Robert
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9/12/2003 6:41:30 AM

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If things couldn't get any better for Dr. Dre and his Aftermath label they would only go down hill. So far the popular hip hop label has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success with Eminem, and newer protégé 50 Cent. Not to mention the wild spread hype about Obie Trice. Aftermath is one of the more successful and media celebrated rap labels at the moment. But as mentioned before if not any better, then downhill. Former Aftermath Entertainment VP, Big Chuck, spoke to The Source about the conditions of why legendary hip-hop artists Rakim left.

"I think Rakim got tired with that bullshit; he left. The God (Rakim) isn't going to sit around and be mistreated. You got to look at Rakim as a guy who changed hip-hop entirely." says Chuck. "How do you sign him and then stick him in the studio with a C-list producer? That's disrespectful. Dre would throw him one track and not even sit in with him."

To lose rakim may be one of the labels biggest "what if" to befall it. Aftermath has already had it's share of roster problems ranging from the early exodus from the label made by RBX to the more recent ghost getting’s of Truth Hurts, Rakim, and rumored troubles with producer Mel Man.

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