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Hip-Hop News: Did Jay-Z Player hate on Sean Paul
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
9/12/2003 5:07:05 AM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Jay-Z and Sean Paul.

Jay-Z is said to have prevented dancehall artiste Sean Paul from performing alongside singer Beyonce Knowles at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) last Thursday in New York, according to Jeremy Harding, Sean Paul's manager. Harding told the Observer that Jay-Z wanted to be the only performer to share the stage with Knowles, who is also his girlfriend.

"We were told through the president of Atlantic Records, Craig Kallman, (Sean Paul's record label) that Jay-Z wanted to be the only guest artiste to perform with Beyonce at the awards show. Jay-Z did not want (Sean Paul) on stage with her and he made it clear,"Harding explained.

Sean Paul presenting an award at the 2003 MTV VMAs.
At the VMA's Beyonce -- who is one third of the pop group Destiny's Child -- performed a two-song medley, Baby Boy and Crazy in Love. The Baby Boy song is a single which features Beyonce and Sean Paul, while Crazy In Love features Beyonce and Jay-Z. But during Sean Paul's part of Baby Boy, recorded vocals played conspicuously in the background while Knowles danced up a storm. However, during Crazy in Love, Jay-Z took to the stage with microphone in hand, rapping beside Beyonce.

Sean Paul was at the show, both as a performer and a presenter, Harding said. He also claims that Beyonce's management team, headed by father, Matthew Knowles, consistently dodged him (Harding) for weeks thereby avoiding setting up the performance.

Beyonce Knowles at the 2003 MTV VMA show
When the Observer contacted Jay-Z's label, Roc-a-fella Records in New York, a company spokesperson only said "we have no comment." The Observer was unable to get in contact with Knowles for a comment. Harding said that Jay-Z, one of the most charismatic rappers on the market at the moment, was either overly protective of his new girlfriend or felt threatened by Sean Paul's new wave of success. Harding claims that Sean Paul has sold more records than Knowles' new release, even while featuring Jay-Z in two videos.

"I don't know whether it was jealousy (a threat to stealing Jay's girlfriend) or a professional threat," said Harding. "(But) it is a form of hypocrisy as hip-hop views dancehall as the poor little cousin and now it feels threatened because it is right up there in their league. Paul has sold some three-million copies internationally, two in the US and the rest in other parts of the world. Now all of a sudden there is a clamp down," Harding told the Observer.

Harding said that Sean Paul was also restricted from contact with Beyonce during the shoot of the Baby Boy video as the two artistes are hardly, if ever, in the same frame.

He also claims that after Knowles' VMA performance she tried to apologise to Sean Paul who reportedly told her that "it was all right."

Ironically, the following night at a Black Radio Station concert in New York, Harding said that Sean Paul dodged a request by Knowles to do the on-stage collaboration. Knowles and Sean Paul were originally slated to perform separately with the option of doing the collaboration.

"Sean Paul did his own set but told Beyonce when she asked to do the song that his throat was not feeling well," Harding said. Sean Paul was nominated for best dance video and best new artist in a video.

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