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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
9/11/2003 11:43:55 PM

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The Source Magazine has 50 Cent on thver for the latest issue... article is below:

The real 50 Cent was from the Fort Greene projects in Brooklyn. He ran with the Supreme Magnetics Crew back in the mid '80's and was said to have robbed rappers at their own shows. He rockecd custom-made, bulletproof clothign by Dapper Dan and is picture on Eric B & Rakim's "Paid in Full" album cover. But his life was cut short when he was shot and kliled by three gunmen in the elevator of his own building.

To today's rap fans, teh story sounds familiar, probably becasue years later, a young aspiring rapper out of South Jamaica Queens who had no relation or ties to the Boroklyn criminal, will adopt his name and image. "I took the name when he passed," the latter-day 50 told a hip-hop website. "I took somebody taht i thought wouldn't be remembered and made the name into something else." Curtis Jackosn's first major label backed single "How to Rob" released in 1999 worked like a charm. In order to get on, 50 brought beef to everybody.

"How to rob" first and foremost was a humorous record. it was a record that was very lighthearted but a lot of peopel got rubbed the wrong way by it," says Rich Nice, a part of the Trackmasters when they produced the record. Poke of Trackmasters, who initially signed 50 to a record deal through Columbia, adds, "He came from left field. A brand-new artist poppin **** to every single artist adnd going off on them..People was taking it like "Yo who this guy think he is?" Though many artist stook offesne back then, most seem to have let it go, taking it to be exactly what it was - a joke.

Jackson's actual criminal record is as follows: in june of 1994, he was arrestd on felony drug charges, three weeks later he was arrested again on another drug charge. he pleaded out to both cases. You might have heard 50 refer to doing a "three to nine" in his rhymes, but because it was his first offense, Boo-Boo as he was nicknamed back then actually only spent seven months in a "shock incarceration" bootcamp. Shock programs can only be given to nonviolent offenders and are said to discipline inmantes through humiliation, forcing them to perform duties such as scrubbing bathroom rfloorw tih a toothbrush. in January 2001 Jackson's parole term ended. he thanks his parole officer in the album credits to "GRDT".

Most real life criminals would steer clear of discussing their illegal activity on records because there is no statue of limitations for conspiracy or murder, meaning the evidence can be used against you at any time (50 Cent has even stated that "no real murderer is proud to be that"_) But his record labels' marketinga nd publicity department would have you believe otherwise. On "Many Men" 50 implies that the guy who shot him nine times was killed in retaliation. "In the Bible it says what goes around comes around / Homo(cide) shot me three weeks later he got shot down / Now it's clear that I'm here for a real reason / Cause he got hit like I got hit but he ain't ****in' Breathin". In Rolling Stone's April 3 cover story on 50 Cent, the writer Toure, clearly fascinated with 50's seemingly hardcore character, makes sure to emphasize that the alleged shooter was murdered a few weeks after shooting 50 cent, as if to ad more validity to 50's gangsta image. But there has been no proof to support 50's claims that the aforementioned deceased is actually teh same person who shot him.

Many of 50 Cent's old friends and associates don't have a lot of money, so they remember their encounters with him as if it were yesterday. A little overa year ago, before he was signed to Eminem's Shady records, 50 Cent visited the Source to tell his sotry. As he sat down and aired out his frustarations about the industry, his man Smurf from Queens, known in the hood as the GUnit general, sat to his far right. It's a year later and Smurf's feelings about his old friend have change

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