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Hip-Hop News: Latest on 'Performance Thug' in the Oct. Source
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
9/10/2003 10:21:40 PM

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In a hard-hitting, brutally honest cover story, “Performance Thug” in its October issue, The Source investigates whether platinum-selling, tough-talking artist 50 Cent is really a “gangsta or just a wanksta being used as a puppet.”

His beefs with other rappers are the stuff of legend and gold. But, looking behind 50’s self-created mythology, The Source reveals (Pages 108-115): How Curtis Jackson appropriated the name and persona of a slain Brooklyn criminal, 50 Cent, with whom he had no relation or ties.

The Source sets the record straight on 50’s criminal record, which is far less menacing than he, his label and much of the mainstream media would have you believe. The Source confirms that, despite constant denials, 50 did indeed secure an order of protection against Murder Inc.’s Black Child, Irv Gotti and Chris Lorenzo.

Black Child says about 50, “Bottom line about homeboy: He is a snitch and he’s a good actor…And he got the public fooled right now…he’s playing the role. Two hundred percent gangsta, a half-man.” 50 will turn his back on anyone: “…there is a growing trail of hip-hop-industry heavyweights [Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Lil Kim, among others] who have collaborated with him only to later find themselves played by him in the public light.” The story concludes that 50 did indeed get rich, but at what cost to Hip-Hop?

In addition, The Source shows how 50’s record label Interscope has been using gunplay as a marketing tool when thousands of young men and women are lost to gun violence in ‘hoods all over the world each year.

50 Cent and Interscope are the leading examples of problems plaguing and undermining Hip-Hop. In a powerful letter (Pages 32 & 33), entitled “What’s Really Hood?” from the Founders of The Source, David Mays and Ray Benzino take aim at the forces corrupting Hip-Hop. Mays and Benzino assert, “In the new millennium, Hip-Hop’s heart is being ripped out. A large part of the products and images being marketed to millions of young minds today under the title of ‘hip-hop’ are heartless, false gimmicks.” Benzino and Mays state:

“In truth, we believe that most of the people who now control ‘hip-hop’ want to be as far away as possible from any kind of contact with people from the hood, not to mention the serious and continuing problems of the hood. It is these people – executives at the major record companies, radio, TV and cable conglomerates, newspapers and magazines – who are fucking up true Hip-Hop for all of us.”

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