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Hip-Hop News: Masta Killa Ready to Drop A New LP
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Posted by Robert
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9/5/2003 5:56:34 AM

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MASTA KILLA from the WU-TANG CLAN awaits the release of his solo-debut

NEW YORK, NY - After spending the better part of 5 years in the studio, Masta Killa's meticulously crafted solo-debut, “NO SAID DATE”, promises to bring the Wu movement forward into 2003 and beyond.

After making appearances on other Wu-Tang Clan members’ albums as well as Afu-Ra, Bounty Killer and Public Enemy, Masta Killa was ready for a solo effort. Not only is “NO SAID DATE” Masta Killa's ‘first’ ever-solo debut, it is also the first Wu solo release by a Clan member to stay entirely in-house for
production in quite sometime. Having been handled exclusively by RZA, TRUE MASTER & ALLAH MATHAMATICS, “NO SAID DATE” is being independently
unveiled on Masta Killa's newly formed LITTLE SHOES MUSIC/NATURE SOUNDS imprint in the fall of 2003.

The most quiet and mysterious Wu-Tang member, Masta Killa rarely speaks during public appearances and interviews and very little is known about him. “I know I seem serious and quiet to a lot of the fans, that’s because I take my work seriously, it’s not a game. The Clan and I work hard to give you the best”, says Masta Killa.

While “NO SAID DATE” will finally shed light on the Wu's most-slept on chamber, it will also feature appearances from fellow Clansmen - METHOD MAN, GZA, GHOSTFACE, INSPECTAH DECK, O.D.B. and RAEKWON, as well as a contribution
from reggae legend JUNIOR REID. In addition, “NO SAID DATE” will include a limited addition LIVE CD featuring Masta Killa performing songs from the album as well as past Wu classics.

Having been released less than 3 weeks ago, the first single, "DIGI WARFARE",which also includes the B-Side RZA produced title-track,“NO SAID DATE" has
already received tremendous national media acclaim.

With November 2003 marking the 10 year anniversary of the birth of the Wu Tang Dynasty, Wu fans can expect the release of a special collector's edition double disc CD box set. In addition to the CD, an enclosed DVD will include Wu
Tang's all time classics, new and unreleased exclusive material, as well as rare remixes.

Masta Killa's contributing efforts will be clearly visible in the
special anniversary cd set, which shall immediately follow the fall release of his solo project,“NO SAID DATE”, Keeping Wu fans happy well into next year.

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