Hip-Hop News: First Single from Damizza Presents...Vol.2
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Posted by Robert
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9/4/2003 6:27:41 AM

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Get your first listen to the 1st single from the upcoming compilation/soundtrack "Damizza Presents...Vol. 2 - No More Waiting, No More Hating". Here is a short snippet of the song which features Knoc-Turn'al, Damizza, Shade Sheist and N.U.N.E.. Its called "Makes Me Wanna Fuck You" and it was produced by Damizza himself, with the B-Side being the slow jam "What Would You Do" by Damizza, Nate Dogg, Mariah Carey & Shade Sheist which everybody heard by now. Both songs will be on the compilation, so this should answer questions where its gonna end up. Make sure you request them on your local radio station. The project features all new music by Shade Sheist, Damizza, N.U.N.E., Knoc-Turn'Al, Dr. Stank, Butch Cassidy, Warren G, Caz, The Westside Connection, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Jayo Felony, Mariah Carey among others. The CD drops in October and it comes with a DVD, the recent short film taped on the set of the "Psycho" house and "Bates Motel."

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