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Hip-Hop News: Ja Disses Detractors, Feds And Jacksons
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
9/2/2003 12:27:33 AM

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09.02.2003 2:52 PM EDT

Ja Rule
Photo: Murder Inc.

The official word coming from the Murder Inc. camp regarding Ja Rule's new EP is hush, as in hush-hush.

Almost everything is being kept under wraps, including guests, producers and even the title (see "Ja Rule To Release New Harder-Edged EP, LP; Will Launch Clothing Line"). However, the Incsters are letting two details out: first, the EP is now slated for this year, and second, a new Ja song called "The Crown," which has already hit the streets, is being looked at as a possible first single.

Ja begins "The Crown" with a sample from reggae artist Sizzla's vocals from "Solid as a Rock": "They can't keep a good man down/ Always keep a smile when they want me to frown/ ... They will never ever take my crown."

Rule then comes in to rap about his recent persecution over a strong piano backdrop. "I know y'all n---as is second-guessing the state I'm in/ Bitch, I'm into making hit records that spin like rims/ ... N---as need to get their money and stick to rappin' or end up like one of the Jacksons/ Be aware of your actions."

Ja later again addresses the government's money-laundering accusations against the Inc., rapping, "You know they can't keep a real n---a down, no/ Nowadays n---as can't even wash up/ It's fed-er-al."

As Ja plans his comeback, some of his compatriots are refusing to let old battles die (see "Ja, Em And 50 Are Hot On Radio, But Should Their Disses Be?"). Members of the Inc., including Black Child and Caddillac Tah, have joined forces with Benzino on a track called "G-Unit Killaz" that goes at Eminem and 50 Cent's G-Unit crew.

*Editors note- This cut 'CROWN' and the other new Ja Rule cut "DUCK' are available to download in the News Bips section.

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