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Hip-Hop News: Big Syke speaks on Tupac biters
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
8/27/2003 9:10:54 PM

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On the song "Down With Us" from his new compilation, Thug Law Chapter 2, Big Syke speaks on rappers who bite Tupac and give him shout outs, but never show any support for Tupac's family and friend - Thug Life and Outlawz.

"So many rappers run around say they love Pac, but you will never find them niggas on our block, ain't no love for the thug that you try to be, so when you see me ain't no reason for you to lie to me," Big Syke raps. "Niggas yelling, 'Thug Life,' but ain't down with us, niggas yelling, 'Outlaw,' but ain't down with us."

"Pac opened the door for some real niggas to come in, but the door left open, bitch niggas ran in," he continues. "From the A&R, stars and club DJs and the motherfucker, who decide what he plays."

The song also features E.D.I. and Kastro of the Outlawz and rapper Stormy. The compilation, which features the Outlawz and Thug Life, can be purchased at The first few buyers will recieve a copy autographed by Big Syke himself.

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